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Vision Preworkout

Vision Pre-Workout is for those who want to train harder without the health risks. Our formula incorporates key natural ingredients such as beets and green tea to give your body a boost – without the crash! The added vitamin B12 helps maintain endurance, and vitamin B3 will keep you focused throughout your workout and into your day. Finally, a pre-workout that is good for both the gains and the body!

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** Prices reflected as of 09/01/2019

L.Citrulline is a naturally occurring amino acid. It increases endurance, energy, strength, and blood flow. L. Tyrosine is amino acid that improves mental health. It helps with focus, alertness, and attention. Caffeine also improves focus and alertness. Our formula consists of caffeine anhydrous, which kicks in quicker than normal caffeine. EGCG is found in tea, and it has many benefits for athletes. It is a natural fat burner and endurance booster, and it also enhances body composition. 


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TSN was founded by Nick and Connor, two certified personal trainers, after they recognized a need not being met for college students. Overpriced and inferior health products were being pushed on students, in ways that would require them to change their entire lifestyle to see notable effects.

By creating more effective supplements, workout routines, and eating guides, Nick and Connor are striving to show those both in and out of college that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to mean missing out on good times!

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Erica Flannagan

Introducing Vision Pre-Workout!

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